About us

MTS is a newly established company with an experienced engineering team in building services and infrastructure projects

Our team has been involved in a significant number of projects within Europe and Middle East covering a wide range of buildings including high rise residential and commercial, high rise offices, retails , hospitals, airports, hotels & resorts, wind farms, photo-voltaic farms, bio-gas plants, irrigation systems, water supply systems including the treatment plants and sewerage systems.


Who we are

We are the sum of our collective drive, vision, and expertise.

We have a ”hunger” for knowledge and innovative trends . Discover the purpose and stories of our young team.

Mission Statement

We stand for equality, professionalism, change and continuous improvement.

We are a professional engineering practice operating efficiently and profitably, growing to ensure long-term career opportunities for our employees.

We provide a wide array of services that improve the quality of the environment people use for their day to day activities.

We have technically competent and creative staff developing designs, which are innovative, yet practical and cost-effective for the intended function and application.

We are committed to creating energy efficient projects by incorporating the latest technologies.

We are challenged by projects that are technically difficult, those that force us to think ‘’outside the box’’ and continually allows us to ‘’raise the bar’’ in terms of our technical expertise and accomplishments.

We emphasize design collaboration and peer reviews within our company in order to avoid ‘’tunnel vision’’ and to maintain our own standards of quality.

We are loyal to the members of our team, value and respect each other’s contribution to the company success.

We hope to have many loyal Clients due to our exceptional services in providing quality projects delivery.

Company moto

”We shall not go quietly into the night”

Our offices

You can find our Office in Bucharest and soon in Dublin and Dubai

Head Office-Romania (EU)

Ilfov County, Voluntari City, Toma Caragiu Street no. 9

Tel: +40317800092

Email: [email protected]


Dubai Office (UAE)-to be open soon

Dubai City, Arjan Barsha South

Tel: TBA

Email: [email protected]


Dublin Office (EU)-to be open soon

Swords, Dublin Co., Ireland

Tel: +353870526971

Email: [email protected]